While reading a bible there are many issues that are worth consideration and to be properly research and get into. In a 2001 National Church Life Survey a representative sample of church attenders were asked by how often they read the Bible on their own. The questionnaire in the research was rather focused upon the private devotional reading of scripture even not on the public reading of the Bible or group Bible studies.

The result of the research thus lied in a manner like that 31% of all attenders were thus described as “frequent” Bible readers who read it privately more than a week. Further 5% read it once per week. About 27% read the Bible time, 20% very rarely and 17% hardly use to read it.

In matter of faith this reading suggested that private practice of Bible reading goes in hand in hand having corporate expression of faith. When people read Bible in groups then they read it more frequently and regularly and these group readers around 50 to 60 percent there are frequent Bible readers. In private Bible reading community there are 32% who say that they read Bible frequently.

However this shared experience of faith and the private devotional life can be looked by variety of means and manners.  However, among frequent church attenders, there are twice as many frequent Bible readers (61. There are also higher than average proportions of frequent Bible readers among people who love to discuss about their faith with others and get involved in evangelistic outreach. Persons who are the regular Bible readers tend to have an importunate and outward focus in the practice of faith and be a part of gathered communities of faith small groups or congregations. However, in situations where a Bible reading develops as a wider Christian community there an attendee grow in faith, despite being alone.

There’s no better way to learn God and His plan for all of creation and life and family except reading bible. By the mean of Bible, we can research not only the huge story of salvation and restoration in Christ, but the practical ways to live a life of trust and faith in God. In order to read out Bible calendar a person should read four passages a scripture from An Old Testament chapter, A New Testament chapter and a selection from the Psalms or Proverbs.

In this manner the Bible readings will remain fresh as you look at a variety of passages each day and each week. In this manner you will connect to the Old and New Testaments. There you will get expression of praise in the Psalms and the great wisdoms and faith in Proverbs.

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