Career Outlook and Job Responsibilities for Master of Theology Students

Are you interested in turning your faith into a career? With a master’s degree in theology, you can earn a living spreading the word about your religion, which allows you to support your family while also encouraging others to learn more about your beliefs. If you are interested in getting your master’s degree in theology or a related subject matter, take a moment to learn about the career outlook and job responsibilities in this field.

Career Outlook and Salary for Theology Majors

If you become a member of the clergy or other type of religious worker, you can expect a starting salary of $25,000 to $35,000 annually – but with your master’s degree, that number will rise quickly, with many in this industry making over $60,000 annually. Although some have speculated that religion is dying in today’s world, but this field is actually growing about as fast as average among all industries. So, it is still a smart career choice, looking at a decision to get your master’s in theology from that perspective.

Job Duties in Theology

Your job duties working in theology will of course depend on your actual job title, but most have one common goal – to encourage others to learn more about their religious belief system. You can do this through leading worship, missionary work, religious text education, counseling, social advocacy, and more. Many theology students also go on to get education degrees, which qualifies you to work in religious schools or as an educator for a private organization. You can also work with a certain group of people For example, some theology workers specifically preach to children, while others work with married couples.

Theology Education

You can get started working in a religious job with just a bachelor’s degree, but getting your master’s degree opens a number of other career doors, allowing you to explore more options in your work life. Your classes will include topics such as history, philosophy, psychology, counseling, educational theory, ethics, and current events. After you earn a master of theology degree, you can go on to earn an even more advanced degree in the field, working toward a doctorate to explore even more advanced career paths.

Top Online Masters in Theology Degrees

Liberty University M.Div. in Theology Master of Sacred Theology Master of Divinity (M.Div.) M.Div. in Biblical Studies M.Div. in Chaplaincy Liberty University › Liberty University offers a variety of online Master of Divinity in Theology degrees in Biblical Studies, Christian Leadership, Discipleship Ministries, Marketplace Chaplaincy, Missional Studies, Pastoral Counseling, Worship Studies, and Theological Studies. They also offer a Master of Sacred Theology, Master of Arts in Religion (MAR), a Master of Divinity (M.Div.), and Master of Religious Education (MRE). These programs are designed for pastors, Christian educators, small group leaders, evangelical leaders, and Christian musicians. A unique program, the MA in Worship Studies features a faculty of top Christian musicians that bring their experience in song writing and arranging to the classroom. The MA in Pastoral Counseling teaches biblical counseling principles and strategies that can be applied to help a diverse population in churches, rescue missions and shelters. Founded in 1971, Liberty University is a nationwide leader in religious education. Achieve the qualifications necessary for religious philosophy study or church leadership by attending any number of these programs offered at Liberty University.
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Grand Canyon University MA in Christian Studies MA in Christian Leadership MA in Pastoral Ministry MA in Urban Ministry MA in Youth Ministry Grand Canyon University › Grand Canyon University's MA in Christian studies, MA in Christian leadership, MA in pastoral ministry, MA in urban ministry, and MA in youth ministry are the cornerstones of the university's dynamic religious offerings. Students in the Masters of Arts in Christian Studies program can choose from a variety of specializations, including Christian Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Urban Ministry, and Youth Ministry. The Christian Leadership MA provides training for religious, professional and secular individuals to become leaders in religious settings. Pastoral Ministry specializes in mentoring and sermon preparation. Urban Ministry includes a course titled "Issues in Urban Ministry," and Youth Ministry includes a course on Youth Issues and Crisis.
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