USB applications are great for anyone who uses multiple computers in different locations. Though they are often not as popular as apps that are used on a single computer, they can be a real lifesaver for many people. Here are 20 portable apps we think every pastor should have on his or her USB drive.

  1. Portable Bible: This app has the New International Version of the Bible, along with a study guide.
  2. Christ on Disk: This is said to be the smallest portable Bible viewing software available. It requires just 1.29 mb of storage.
  3. Bible on a Stick: Another great portable Bible application.
  4. Sermons on the Web: This application allows you to publish your sermons on the web in MP3 format. This is a great way for you to get information out to your congregation, especially those who cannot attend regular services because of illness.
  5. The Pastor’s Study: This application is a productivity tool that helps pastors organize their daily tasks.
  6. Church Scheduler: This application allows you automate your church’s daily events. If you want calendar changes published to the web each Monday, this app can automate that event for you.
  7. Fat Bits: This is a screen magnifier. You?ll use it over and over again if you’re giving presentations via a computer. It makes things much easier to read. This app is also great for pastors who may want to show things to their older parishioners on the computer when they visit them.
  8. PStart: This makes finding the apps on your USB drive faster and easier. PStart gives you a start menu so that you can see what’s on your drive quickly for faster access.
  9. Restoration: This app lets you restore files that you delete by accident.
  10. Tiny USB Office: This is a very small, portable productivity software suite.
  11. FileZilla Portable: FileZilla is an FTP program. This is their portable version. It helps you transfer files between multiple places.
  12. SIW: This is a system analysis tool that gathers information about a computer’s hardware and software. Use it to help diagnose issues. This is especially useful if you’re using a new computer and having issues.
  13. Portable Mozilla: A portable version of Mozilla’s Firefox. If Firefox is your favorite browser, you now have a way to take it with you everywhere, so that you can use it on another computer that doesn?t have it installed.
  14. Foxit Reader: This portable PDF reader is a lifesaver. No matter where you are, you can read PDFs with ease.
  15. Open Office: Open Office is a portable version of Microsoft Office. It includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, drawing package and database.
  16. Infra Portable Recorder: This is great portable CD/DVD burning software. You’ll use it to burn cds of sermons, music, etc, for use with your congregation and those you visit.
  17. FSuite: This app offers plenty of tools for the MAC user. It includes Office, Graphic software, audio, video and developer tools.
  18. Country Codes: This is a list of country codes very helpful for determining codes for sending packages or making phone calls when you don’t have internet access.
  19. Convert for Windows: This is a very hand conversion application. Convert distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, etc.
  20. Keep Pass: This is a great password manager you can use on your USB drive. Storing all your passwords in one place is a great help when you use multiple computers.

Today’s pastor can benefit from the newest available technologies as much as any other business person. But, the nature of the pastor’s job usually means that he is in multiple locations at different times during the week, between working from his church office, working from home, attending meetings and visiting parishioners. Church conferences can take pastors away from home for days at a time, but don’t lessen the need for staying up to date on work. Portable applications, therefore, are a great asset to the multi-tasking pastor, allowing him or her to work just as efficiently regardless of where the day takes him.

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